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Alliance Online - Accounting Services


Alliance Online Bookkeeping

As a business owner you have many things to take care of and it is not easy to manage your own bookkeeping. It is a tedious task to enter all the receipts, verify if all payments are received at your bank account, and also make payments to all your outstanding bills.

Even if one receipt is missed or incorrectly invoiced, you must dig deep, find the missing item, make the corrections and closely follow up. You must also chase your clients for payments and meticulously follow up with suppliers to make sure everything is in order. It requires time, effort, patience and a great level of attention to detail.

You can either do all these yourself or if it is too much on your plate then use our online bookkeeping service. Our online bookkeeping service is tailored specifically for small businesses like yours.

All you have to do is send your information by an email, fax or scan. Our experienced bookkeepers will update your books and send the reports back to you. All your work will be performed from our high security office in India. You can view your reports anytime, anywhere. The work will be ready to be submitted to the tax authorities whenever you are ready. In summary, we will take care of all the aspects involved in the tedious process of bookkeeping.

Some examples of our bookkeeping services:

  • Entering all the receipts and invoices
  • Verifying if you have received payments from customers
  • Checking to see if all your deposits and expenses match your bank account
  • Making payments to your suppliers
  • Following-up with your customers for payments
  • Producing accounting reports every month

Doing all these requires a lot of time, loads of effort, truck full of patience and a great level of attention to detail. If you have all these, you can happily do it yourself. Alternatively, you can use our online bookkeeping service. In which case, you will have 8 hours of your work day to do something else that would benefit you more.


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