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Listed below are our valued partners and a little about them.


Tango Software

Tango Software Corporation  - Software Developer

Tango consults with international clients on how to create shopping carts, payment systems, and identity management. It has extensive experience integrating shopping carts with payment acquirer gateways.

They have done integration with: Paymentech, FDMS, BCE AssurePay, Beanstream, Authorize.NET, Nova systems, Moneris, VisaNET. Good experience with IBM WebSphere, Apache TomCat, Resin, IIS.

Henry Yeung, Tango’s Technology Partner, has extensive experience with IBM WebSphere and HSBC commerce integration.  He possess general knowledge with 24/7 critical online systems, redundancy, replication, and geo-location balancing applications.

Chris Donalds, Tango’s Technology Specialist, has likewise done integration with WorldPay, and HSBC.  In addition, Chris has done B2B and C2B solutions: SMS texting to pay for tickets, online auctions, shopping carts, group-on type of websites.

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Intrinsic Venture Corp

Intrinsic Venture Corp - Investment Banking

Intrinsic Venture Corp is an investment banking firm dedicated to assisting with the corporate growth and anticipated objectives of all its clients. As a strategic investor, Intrinsic Venture’s primary focus is on companies that have a long-lasting advantage over their competitors and are interested in partnering to raise financial capital and increase shareholder value. Intrinsic Venture takes pride in supporting private and public companies, offering a wide array of corporate services.

Approaching every potential company with an innovative and open-minded perspective, Intrinsic Venture participates in various types of services including spin-offs, debt-to-equity conversions, restructurings, direct equity investments and leveraged buyouts.

Intrinsic Venture’s main interests are in the Media, Entertainment, Industrial Technology, Biology, Chemical, Medicine, Environment, Energy, and Telecommunications industries. With a distinctive international market perspective, Intrinsic Venture is designed to serve and support the ambitions of entrepreneurs and large business owners worldwide.




Datawitness - Online Contracting and Archiving

Witnessing and Archiving Saves You Time, Money, and Work. Storing and protecting important records should be easy, and by easy, we mean able to replace the security and integrity of physical paper with a digital/online equivalent. You can replace physical paper with a secure digital equivalent with the full integrity guaranteed by offline storage.  We act as a trusted 3rd party and electronically witness all actions by you or a receiving party.

You can store a file or send a contract for signature.  We archive your files and the content of your messages while authenticating your actions so you have an ironclad, witnessed record of files, contracts, and communications.




Betware - Internet and Mobile Gaming Provider

Betware is a pioneer in the Internet gaming market with more than 15 years experience of developing and delivering interactive gaming solutions. Betware‘s goal is to partner with customers for continuous innovation and market expansion. Betware understands that providing a continuous stream of improvements, new features and fresh products is critical for player retention.

Betware delivers a global platform covering the complete spectrum of the online money gaming sector, from the back end to the players gaming experience. Betware’s gaming platform is designed for flexibility and openness, enabling customers to easily adopt games from 3rd party suppliers.



Sharedband - Faster Broadband and Internet Enhancement

Sharedband’s patented technology is designed to radically improve the performance and resilience of Internet connections. The Sharedband software solution aggregates multiple Internet connections (DSL, T1, Cable, Fiber, Wireless) into a single high-performance connection that is flexible and scalable. It works with standard Internet service provider (ISP) services and low cost hardware making deployment seamless, fast, and affordable.



Alliance Medical Services - Medical Transcription

We have been providing medical transcription services to many local areas for 10 years. Furthermore, we are expanding our service in order to provide high-quality, efficient, and affordable medical transcription service through our Web-based format.

Built on quality, quick turnaround times and experience, we provide every client with individualized service and attention to assure we complete all documentation as requested by each physician, clinic or health care facility. Because a medical record is not only a medical document, but also a legal document, the Quality Assurance Program that is in place assures that documentation being returned to the provider is done on time and accurately.

An active member of the following associations:
American Association of Medical Transcription
American Health Information Association
Medical Transcription Industry Alliance

Our staff of trained medical language specialists know the importance of accuracy, efficiency and confidentiality; and how it relates to medical documents. All our staff participate in continuing education, keep up-to-date with the constant changes in the medical field and, if not already certified, are encouraged to become certified medical transcriptionists (CMT). We utilize the AAMT Book of Style in order to provide quality and consistency in the documentation it provides. We also utilize all US-based transcriptionists.

Office Location

Philippines  PHILIPPINES
Penthouse 11
VGP Center 6772 Ayala Avenue
Makati City, Philippines
Tel: (632) 754-9930

Canada   CANADA
900-555 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V7X 1M8
Tel: (604) 699-8699